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The latest real estate and community insights for the Eastside and the Greater Seattle area

The Eastside Market is Crazy Hot

Normally, December-January marks the slowest months of the real estate year - but this year activity has increased! Job and population growth, coupled with low inventory has defined the strong start of 2020

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How to Help Your Kids Buy a Home

From high home prices to staggering student debt, parents are stepping up to help their children afford their first home. Here's your guide to options to help your child become a homeowner.

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What Does 2020 Look like?

2020 Forecast Shows Continued Home Price Appreciation

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Design Your Kitchen for Efficiency

If your current kitchen feels too limited, here are some options for improving its function and making it meal-prep and holiday friendly.

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Defining Mid-Century Architecture

Mid-Century style has become a popular design trend once again. As a new generation of millennial buyer starts house hunting, the clean lines and open floor plans of the classic MCM home continues to appeal. But what is Mid-Century Modern? Join us as we round up the 5 Characteristics of MCM Architecture.

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Top 7 Tips for Buying a Home as A Single Woman

Single women are now the second-largest homebuying demographic in the United States, after married couples, but what should single female homebuyers watch out for?

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Who Wins Now that Washington Moved to a Graduated Real Estate Tax

Washington state is changing our flat real estate excise tax (REET) to a graduated tax, based on home sales price, beginning in 2020.

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10 Best Renovations for Your Money in Seattle

Whether you’re finally fed up with your kitchen, getting ready to sell, or looking to add sweat equity ... check out the best renovations for any budget in Seattle!

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What You Need to Know: 9 Tips on VA Home Loans

For most military borrowers, VA loans are the best lending program on the market. But there are still unique benefits and lesser-known restrictions that you might not know about!

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